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Here are the head to heads of Lindsay Davenport against some of the top players past and present in Alphabeticle order of players surname.

  • BOVINA, Elena:  Davenport leads 4-0
  • CAPRIATI, Jennifer:  Davenport leads 8-2
  • CLIJSTERS, Kim:  Davenport leads 6-5
  • COETZER, Amanda:  Davenport leads 12-3
  • DANIILIDOU, Eleni:  Davenport leads 1-0
  • DEMENTIEVA, Elena:  Davenport leads 6-2
  • DOKIC, Jelena:  Davenport leads 7-0
  • GRAF, Steffi:  Graf leads 8-6
  • HANTUCHOVA, Daniela:  Davenport leads 2-0
  • HINGIS, Martina:  Davenport leads 14-11 
  • HENIN-HARDENNE, Justine:  Davenport leads 5-1
  • KOURNIKOVA, Anna:  Davenport leads 7-3
  • MALEEVA, Magdalena:  Maleeva leads 3-2
  • MARTINEZ, Conchita:  Martinez leads 8-6
  • MAURESMO, Amilie:  Davenport leads 6-3
  • MYSKINA, Anastasia:  Davenport leads 2-0
  • NAVOTNA, JANA:  Davenport leads 6-0
  • NAVRATILOVA, Martina:  Navratilova leads 1-0
  • PISTOLESI, Anna:  Davenport leads 4-0
  • RUBIN, Chanda:  Davenports leads 8-3
  • SANCHEZ VICARIO:  Sanchez Vicario leads 7-5
  • SCHNYDER, Patty:  Davenport leads 5-1
  • SELES, Monica:  Davenport leads 10-3
  • SUGIYAMA, Ai:  Davenport leads 7-1
  • WILLIAMS, Serena:  S.  Williams leads 9-2
  • WILLIAMS, Venus:  V. Williams leads 11-10

N.B.  If any of  pictures used on this site are yours and you do not want me to use them then please email me and I will remove it immediately.  Also, contact me if you don't mind me using the images but would like to be credited for them.