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Career Timeline


This was the desiding year for Lindsay, this was the year she chose that a tennis career was what was right for her.
Prior to this, Lindsay went through though times on the tour where fellow people on the tour called her names and made her time on tour a misery.  However, early 1996 Lindsay chose Robert Van't Hoff to be her coach (prior to Robert, Lindsay's coach was Lynne Rolley who is now the director of womens tennis for the USTA).
This was the year of change and with the hard work and determination - that we're now so used to with Lindsay - she took part in the summer olympic games in Atlana, USA that year.  She arrived the under dog but came out victorious, winning the Olympic Gold medal for her country on home ground defeating Arantxa Sanchez Vicario in the final.
Winning this gold medal gave Lindsay the confidence she needed and it is this confidence boost plus her new coach, Robert Van't Hoff that helped her go on to win Grand Slams.

At a Glance

Name:  Lindsay Ann Davenport
Age:  26
Date of Birth:  08 June 1976
Turned Proffesional:  1994
Grand Slam Singles Titles: 3;  US Open 1998, Wimbledon 1999, Australian Open 2000
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Lindsay, Arantxa and Jana Olympics 1996
Lindsay with Arantxa and Jana after winning Gold at Atlanta Olympics 1996

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