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Lindsay Davenport

This Week:  Wimbledon, London, UK

Lindsay On Court Style Change

Due to other commitments of my time I have been unable to continually update this site with latest results from Lindsay matches.  It is for this reason that I am using it for a different purpose.  The site will still be centered around Lindsay Davenport, however it will take the for of an Online "Scrapbook".  What this means is that it will be up-dated with articles and interviews, that I have that have been cut out of news papers, magazines etc.  I have seen many Lindsay Fan sites come and go (although some remain strong!) however, I have never found a site that is more of an archive - which may be of interest to new fans of Lindsays :)

I will also put on other interviews/articles about other players that could be of interest for some people.  For example, I have recent articles from newspapers about Gabby Sabatini which is extremely interesting and also I have an article about Martina Hingis dating back a couple of years ago from the Observer Sport Monthly.

I don't know how long it will be before I have these things up and running, but be sure to come back every now and again to see what there is :)

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