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Here is the section dedicated to the "Lindsay on Court" and "Tower of Power" online comunity.  Here you will find the links to this sites, Message Board, Chat Room and Guest Book.  Please take a look, leave messages, post threats and just simply communicate with fellow fans.
In order to use the message board and chat room, you will have to sign up with Aimoo.  The process is simple and free and can be done by clicking on the Message Board link below, then click on "Join" to begin the process.

Message Board
Click on the link below to join in with the "Lindsay on Court" and "T.O.P." community.  Please feel free to leave messages about Lindsay, the WTA Tour, this website or just general chat to get to know other members.

Chat Room
The "Lindsay Davenport on Court" Chat Room is part of the sites message board, so in order to use it you will have to sign up with Aimoo.  If you already have done that with the above process or are currently signed up with Aimoo, then you can just click on "Chat" once you have entered the message board.
"Lindsay Davenport on Court" Chat Room - enter chat applet by clicking on "Chat"

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