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Question and Answers post Olympics 1996


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Taken from the Copernicus Education Gateway website

Gold Medalist in 1996
Lindsay with gold medal
Lindsay defeats Aranxa Sanchez Vicario in the final to win Olympic Gold

What was it like to win the gold medal in the Atlanta Olympic Games?
Winning the gold in Atlanta ranks at the very top. It was the first major competition that I won. Even though I've followed it up with Grand Slam titles, it's still the most memorable because it was my first big title. My emotions have never been topped by what I felt in Atlanta. It was an incredible experience.

What did winning the gold medal do for your career?
Winning in Atlanta definitely gave me so much confidence. I was always hanging around the No. 10 ranking. After winning the gold medal, my career has gone up. Winning the Olympic gold medal was really the springboard -- just the confidence that it gives you to know that you can pull through a very tough tournament.

What other sports do you like?
I've always been a big volleyball fan because of my family. My dad played on the U.S.A. volleyball team at the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games. My mom does a lot of administrative work for U.S.A. Volleyball. I've been around that sport since I was born.

Track and field is very exciting with Michael Johnson, Marion Jones, and all those other great athletes. Basketball with the "Dream Team," and water polo -- there are so many great sports that the Americans do well in that are fun to support.

Is there pressure to defend your Olympic title?
I don't look at it as defending my title. I look at it as another opportunity to win another gold medal. There will definitely be a lot of pride in trying to win a gold medal again. But, if not a gold, then any medal.

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